Mental Health and Addictions Cuts

Mental Health and Addictions Services

MACSI, the Metis Addictions Council of Saskatchewan, provides community-based addictions services in Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Regina and its services incorporate Metis and First Nations teachings.

MACSI receives its funding almost entirely from the provincial government, yet the latest budget cut MACSI’s funding by more than $120,000 – how many addictions counsellors or programs will be cut?

MACSI is already seriously underfunded. Its wait lists are long, and yet Prince Albert MACSI has had to close both its day programs and stabilization programs. How many people who need this service will be left to fall through the cracks?

The Saskatchewan Impaired Driver Treatment Centre is located in Prince Albert and provides addictions treatment for people convicted of a second impaired driving offence. This facility’s funding was cut by more than $40,000 in the latest budget. Those who work in these facilities do not make a lot, so this amount can have devastating effects on the services provided.

These cuts to addictions services say something – if you have a substance abuse problem, you’d better be wealthy, white, and well-connected.

Community Based Organizations

Prince Albert YWCA lost more than $200,000 of the money it uses to help people get into the job market, help immigrants, and help kids and families in need.

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