Housing Cuts

Funding for the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC), a Crown corporation which provides support for low income and affordable housing programs in Saskatchewan, will see its funding cut by a whopping 85% — from $11.755 million to $755,000. The SHC currently provides a range of housing programs and services, including: social and affordable rental housing; development of new housing; home repair, renovation and adaptation programs; supply-focused programs; homeownership options; and support for housing planning.

The Ministry of Social Services will review the current practice of providing funding to Saskatchewan Assistance Program (SAP), Transitional Employment Allowance (TEA) and Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) beneficiaries for home repairs.

The Graduate Retention Program First Home Plan will be suspended. The program allowed post-secondary graduates to use up to $10,000 of their Graduate Retention Program (GRP) tax credits towards the down payment on their first home in Saskatchewan. The end of the program is expected to save the government $8 million.